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  • Pop of Pink

    Pop of Pink

    I’m all for simple outfits that look like you put wayyyy more effort in than you actually did! For this look, I paired a gray pre-knotted t-shirt with an adorable black button-up skirt. Although it may be super simple, I finished it off with some lace-up shoes and a bright pink purse to give it […]

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  • Dipped Waffle Cones Four Ways

    Waffle Cones 4 Ways

    It’s National Ice Cream Day and I’m in the mood to celebrate! But let’s be honest, can you really fully enjoy ice cream if you don’t have a good cone? To elevate your ice cream even more, I’ve come up with four fun ways to transform any ordinary waffle cone into a gourmet creation! For […]

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  • Fun & Floral

    Fun & Floral

    If you follow me on Pinterest, you’re well aware that most of my clothing boards consists of rompers. I think I have a bad case of romper envy (is that even a thing?!) Haha! Anyways, I just added this long-sleeved floral romper to my collection and I’m OBSESSED. You might see me wearing this like…everywhere. […]

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  • 1-Minute Dessert Idea: Brownie Sundaes

    Chocolate Brownie Sundae Recipe

    So when I logged onto the Twitter today I saw that #WorldChocolateDay was trending and I’m not even kidding…I went NUTS! So, in celebration, I made my favorite homemade brownies first thing when I got home and transformed them into 1 minute brownie sundae that is SUPER easy, but will leave you feeling like you […]

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  • 6 Summer Picnic Essentials


    The Fourth of July is over, I know, I know. But I’m still in the mood for summer food and adorable picnics. I think people often get overwhelmed with the idea of having a picnic because it seems complicated, but in reality, it can be just as simple (or as complex) as you want!¬†Grab a […]

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  • Dark Chocolate Strawberry Bark

    Chocolate Strawberry Bark

    It’s Valentine’s Day…which means it’s all chocolate and strawberries around here. What better than some dark chocolate bark (dark chocolate = healthy, right?) topped with freeze-dried strawberries. This dessert is ridiculously easy, maybe so easy that I don’t need to include the recipe. But should you find yourself craving something chocolate and perfect today, then […]