Hi there! Glad that you stumbled upon my blog!

My name is Emily and I am an DC girl, aspiring PR professional, and always up for doing something fun. In my free time, you will most likely find me taking photos, cooking or baking up something that I saw on Pinterest, writing, or going on a long evening run. I’ve always wanted to have my own blog, so East 91 is my attempt at a creative outlet that I could use to express myself! Writing and photography are my passions, so I hope to share random tidbits from my life, recipes, thoughts, and anything else that captures my attention.

Can’t wait for you to follow along with me on my blogging journey! ☺️

For inquiries, contact: Emily@East91Blog.com
Favorite Food: Waffles, tacos, salad, or anything with cheese.

Pet Peeve:  Pants that are baggy at the knees

I am a nerd for: Food styling. I could sit and look at photos of perfect food set-ups ALL DAY. Not even kidding.

I cannot live without: An active lifestyle and the support of those I love.

Movies: A Walk to Remember, Man of Steel, Titanic, The Great Gatsby (and probably a million more I can’t think of right now)

TV Shows: This Is Us, Riverdale, The Bachelor, Prison Break, Downton Abbey,

I unwind with: Pinterest and a midnight snack (usually coconut oil popcorn or a decaf coffee).

I laugh when: I know I’m wrong but I still try to convince someone that I’m right anyways.

I love: The beach. Give me some sand and sun and I won’t ask for anything ever again, promise.

There’s nothing better than: Making memories with the people that are closest to you.

I crave: Chocolate chip cookie dough, a perfect sunset, and an adventure.