January “Must Haves”

Hello friends! I’ve been so encouraged by 2018 thus far and all that God has been doing in my life lately! Sometimes it can be a challenge starting a new year and all of the responsibilities and changes that come with it. However, I think for the first time in my life, I haven’t been […]

A Heart to Travel

It’s FINALLY that time…spring break!!! As I am preparing to head back home and take a week to breathe and relax, I have really been thinking about travel. I have such a love for adventure, seeing new places and experiencing new things. Below are some of my favorite inspirational travel photos, I hope that you […]

Pin Perfect

In case your Tuesday needed some inspiration…(of course from Pinterest!) These are some absolutely gorgeous photos that transported me to another place and another time….enjoy! Source Source Source Source  Source Source Source

10 Chick Flicks You’ll Love

We all have those nights when you just need to watch a movie that is girly, incredibly cheesy, and unrealistically romantic. My sister and I are always craving a good movie night and I frequently find myself searching for the best chick flick, only to be disappointed after just a few minutes. So where do we […]